Free Speech Under Threat:  The True Totalitarian Impulse Targets Trump’s America


Since President’s Trump surprise election last fall, and particularly since his January inauguration, the hard Left has been in high dudgeon, apoplectic across the nation that the neosocialist globalist determinism they so passionately espouse has been so sorely interrupted. How, they wonder, could such a buffoon — a truly gross caricature — have taken the helm of the United States? And especially after having prattled on endlessly about building a border wall (“xenophobia”), the need for “extreme vetting” of desperate Syrian Muslim refugees (“Islamophobia”), protecting American businesses and workers’ jobs (“populism”/“nationalism”), and celebrating America’s police and military (“racism”) – not to mention his execrable boasting of his penchant for “grabbing” women (“sexism” /”misogyny”). Really, how could a nation that is becoming so much more “enlightened” and “progressive”, more “compassionate and caring”, have possibly succumbed to the cajolery of such a conceited, wealthy white primitive? For the Left, it’s enough to drive any effete elitist to opioid addiction – Oh, the pain! Where’s my OxyContin?!

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Trump Throws Down America’s Gauntlet, Now Who Will Blink?

Last week, the air force of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad, a London-trained physician, deployed chemical weapons (presumably Sarin, a dreadfully toxic nerve agent) against civilians in Idlib province, killing over 80 men, women, and children in an agonizing way.   The use of such deadly chemical agents in warfare has been proscribed by the Geneva Convention since 1925.  Not surprisingly, this appears to be of no moment in the Muslim Arab world, given earlier slaughters of many more Syrians by Assad throughout 2013 and the mass murder of Kurds by Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 1988 and others in 1991.   Even the pronouncement of an American “red line” by President Barack Obama in 2012, apparently promising teeth-laden consequences for its violation, did nothing to dampen Syria’s readiness to deal death from the sky via poison against its own people.

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Bridging The Great Divide: Is the Rubicon To Be Crossed Now?

In the 2016 election cycle, Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, alone among all the Republican contenders, campaigned on strong nationalist promises to deal with America’s long-standing, nearly untrammeled invasion by foreign nationals, so as to preserve all of America’s sovereignty, demographic integrity, economic and fiscal stability, and the rule of law. This week, President Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, announced that the federal government will act to withhold federal funds from those American cities whose mayors have declared them “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens, refusing to cooperate with the feds in detaining and holding them for possible deportation.

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Trump’s Win:  Restoration for America or The Calm Before A Perfect Storm?


An elective despotism was not the government we fought for. ~ Thomas Jefferson

This past First Tuesday’s upset win by Donald Trump of the Presidency caught a great many Americans of all political persuasions by surprise.  The consternation among most in the media, the celebrity news-commentator and pundit class, and the elite establishments of both Republican and Democratic parties was deliciously palpable to the grassroots.  And, the acting out in the streets of major cities of thousands of disgruntled millennials in the nights following the election, apparently terrified of being dispossessed of their entitlements and the endless pandering to them by so-called progressive leaders, was stark confirmation of just how indoctrinated, infantile, and dependent many, if not most, of this new generation has become.

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Setting the Stage for a Riotous Summer in Cleveland  


The events of this past week presage a Republican convention in July in Cleveland that will be riven with Big Violence in the streets — and perhaps elsewhere as well.  As the prominence of Donald Trump in the race for the Republican nominee for President continues to burgeon apace, the Left in America is feeling additionally threatened by Hillary Clinton’s impending implosion as a likely criminal defendant on federal charges of disclosing classified information via e-mails sent from her personal server while serving as Secretary of State from 2009-13.  Not to mention the almost cartoonish, shamelessly yet fecklessly pandering, siren campaign of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.  The offering of expensive stuff for free, such as healthcare and college education, always excites the young and naive.

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DATELINE NOVEMBER 8, 2016: “Brava, Madame President, Your Angel Has Delivered!”


On this evening before “Super Tuesday” in the nomination process for the GOP’s presidential standard bearer, Donald Trump is poised to do very well in his noisy campaign to win the nomination. This despite his single-handed disruption and degradation of virtually all of the GOP candidates’ debates and their aftermath by an adroit use of vitriolic, banal, juvenile invective; flamboyant claims; provocative, invidious innuendos; and relentless personal pique. Trump presents as a 6-foot 2-inch Little Lord Fauntleroy in a natty business suit with expensively coiffed hair and an amazingly elastic face. Continue reading

Can America Awaken to the Dire Need to Thump Donald Trump and Ensure He’s Dumped?


Last night’s debate among the remaining six rivals for the Republican nomination for President in Greenville, South Carolina ahead of the Palmetto State’s primary next week was a true stunner. Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump managed to singlehandedly create a loud, vitriolic circus of charge, countercharge, ad hominem attacks, and raucous, impulsive shouting over other candidates. Such a level of verbal thuggery on a presidential debate stage is unprecedented, exceeding even Bernie Sanders’s and Hillary Clinton’s slugfest earlier in the week. It portends a very rough time ahead this year in the presidential sweepstakes. Continue reading