New Year, New Era?

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Here we are, only three weeks into this new calendar year, and momentous events are already happening, signaling that 2015 is bound to be a year of jolts, revolts, and lightning bolts, with some precipitated by arrant dolts. We’ve seen two vicious massacres in France by homegrown Islamist terrorists just days apart, a protest walkout on Israel’s prime minister Bibi Netanyahu by France’s president Francois Hollande before Netanyahu could speak in mourning in the City of Light’s Grand Synagogue, a Muslims-only confab in Garland, Texas focused on helping young American Muslims to deflect criticism of Islam in America (happily opposed publicly by anti-jihad non-Muslim American demonstrators), more terrorist leaders freed from Gitmo to return to the Middle East jihad, and scurrilous attacks on the new film American Sniper about Navy SEAL hero Chris Kyle. All followed by an hour’s worth of bilious rhetoric by our Anointed One in the State of the Union address of 2015, promising more federal spending, more federal entitlements (and consequent dependency), more stonewalling on domestic energy development, and more American appeasement of Iran, among other coming injuries. This latest event of Obamanian grandiloquence was all sugarcoated with clarion calls to Republicans to put politics aside, come together with Democrats, and work to develop solutions that will help America to reach sundry new pinnacles and the middle class to prosper. Continue reading