A Preliminary Disclosure:
Launching from Another Perspective


With this first post in this theme, I would like to make this record: Since late April 1988, I have been a reincarnationist, based initially on an extraordinary astrological reading I received from a very gifted practitioner, Phyllis Firak-Mitz, who now resides and practices in southern California (www.astrologerphyllis.com). In that session, she spontaneously revealed information about my most recent past-life experience, which, in one fell swoop, served to explain many anomalies of my childhood in this incarnation. It was, as they say, a seminal experience, which launched me on a path of metaphysical exploration that has transformed my worldview quite dramatically. Continue reading

Militant Muslims on the March . . . .
Will This Doom Obama as President?


This week, Islamism made two major advances in its war to recreate a grander caliphate – a global Muslim superstate that is strictly and astringently ruled by Shari’a, Islamic law, with all infidels either dead, driven out, or dhimmified. The capital of Yemen, Sana’a, has fallen to Houthi militia, Shi’ite extremists who are theologically aligned with the ayatollah cadre that rules Iran theocratically. The U.S. Marines at the American embassy were required to disarm themselves before being allowed to board private aircraft to leave the country. Until this rather ignominious collapse, Yemen was ruled by a pro-American government allied with the U.S. in the war against Islamist aggression. Not to be eclipsed entirely by Shi’a, a government military base in Iraq near the town of al-Baghdadi where 320 U.S. Marines are stationed came under a determined assault by Sunni Islamic State (IS) militants, led by suicide bombers. News reports claim that that battle reached within 7 kilometers (less than 4.5 miles) of the base before being blunted by Iraqi troops. Now the short-term big question is: What will happen to the Marines, relatively small in number and tasked only with training Iraqi forces resident on the base, if the base is eventually overrun by IS hordes? Based on IS’s well booked brutal and bestial behavior towards infidels thus far, a failure by Obama & Co. to make good a secure and complete rescue of these troops would send a cataclysmic shock wave through the American body politic. It would make our people’s reaction to the sight of a single dead American soldier being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu in 1993 a mere spark in the night. Continue reading

Obama on Wanton Mass Murder:
Hey, You’ve Done It Too.


At this past weekend’s National Prayer Breakfast, Master Moralist Obama took the occasion to admonish Christians not to a get on any moral high horse in their revulsion at and castigation of the Islamic State for its ongoing atrocities by recalling that the Crusades and slavery were also justified in the name of Jesus Christ. Apart from this comparison being invidious and inapposite based on guiding scriptural authority (more on that below), his assertion reflects a classic tenet of the Left’s catechism: That no single thought system, philosophy, religion, or even person is inherently morally better or superior than any other because, whatever the infraction or behavior being complained about, everyone’s either done it at some time in the personal or historical past or is currently doing it. Here, to generalize in this context, their key principle is: Because every religion has committed atrocities, there can be no modern moral accountability or odium heaped on any particular religion today that is a current malefactor. Claiming moral equivalence is the Left’s way of deflecting criticism of anyone, anything, or any activity that works to its political or social advantage but which evokes the outrage of all people who are capable of making rather basic moral distinctions based on time-tested humanitarian values. Hey, let’s not ever judge negatively or, to use a beloved mantra of the New Age, We’re All One — unless such judgments pertain to Israel, Christianity, the Constitution, or capitalism, to name a few acceptable demons. Continue reading

A Martyr For Global Action?


The brutal murder-by-immolation disclosed this week of a captured Jordanian combat pilot by the Islamic State (IS) extremists presages a long needed shift in war policy towards this vicious nihilistic menace that has been scourging much of Iraq and Syria for more than a year. It is long past time that an international alliance of sane civilized nations freeze all assets and facilities acquired by IS and descend militarily in full force into the Mideastern desert no man’s land and mercilessly annihilate these barbaric miscreants to the last man. Continue reading