Talismans of Trump: The Impending Tumults of 2016


Here we are, less than two weeks away from a new year and the rumblings of great tumbles, and even temblors, to come are already evident to this observer. Both domestically and overseas, the many polarizations of our age are now being thrown into bold relief across the landscape of the planet’s surface. In Syria, Iraq, the Egyptian Sinai, the streets of Paris and San Bernardino, the harsh swords of Sunni Islamist terror madness have been busily hacking off all civilized norms of human behavior and threatening the peaceable enjoyment of life for increasing multitudes of people.

In that wanton mass murder has taken place so very brazenly in France and America by young radicalized fanatics, the stage has now been set for a multinational conflagration of “gi-normous” proportions. IS/Daesh, boldly on the recruitment march, has no doubt been invigorated by the West’s effete reluctance to trench on the supposed civil rights of privacy, worship, and equality of anyone professing “the Muslim faith.” And, Islamist Iran scored a major advance in July on its path to regional hegemony–and global menace–by suckering America and its major West European allies into enlivening its drive to develop a nuclear military force to eventually launch total war against its perceived enemies. All of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan are, in various measures, quaking at the possibilities. Eventually, America and most of Europe will be in the crosshairs as well.
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