Setting the Stage for a Riotous Summer in Cleveland  


The events of this past week presage a Republican convention in July in Cleveland that will be riven with Big Violence in the streets — and perhaps elsewhere as well.  As the prominence of Donald Trump in the race for the Republican nominee for President continues to burgeon apace, the Left in America is feeling additionally threatened by Hillary Clinton’s impending implosion as a likely criminal defendant on federal charges of disclosing classified information via e-mails sent from her personal server while serving as Secretary of State from 2009-13.  Not to mention the almost cartoonish, shamelessly yet fecklessly pandering, siren campaign of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.  The offering of expensive stuff for free, such as healthcare and college education, always excites the young and naive.

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DATELINE NOVEMBER 8, 2016: “Brava, Madame President, Your Angel Has Delivered!”


On this evening before “Super Tuesday” in the nomination process for the GOP’s presidential standard bearer, Donald Trump is poised to do very well in his noisy campaign to win the nomination. This despite his single-handed disruption and degradation of virtually all of the GOP candidates’ debates and their aftermath by an adroit use of vitriolic, banal, juvenile invective; flamboyant claims; provocative, invidious innuendos; and relentless personal pique. Trump presents as a 6-foot 2-inch Little Lord Fauntleroy in a natty business suit with expensively coiffed hair and an amazingly elastic face. Continue reading