Free Speech Under Threat:  The True Totalitarian Impulse Targets Trump’s America


Since President’s Trump surprise election last fall, and particularly since his January inauguration, the hard Left has been in high dudgeon, apoplectic across the nation that the neosocialist globalist determinism they so passionately espouse has been so sorely interrupted. How, they wonder, could such a buffoon — a truly gross caricature — have taken the helm of the United States? And especially after having prattled on endlessly about building a border wall (“xenophobia”), the need for “extreme vetting” of desperate Syrian Muslim refugees (“Islamophobia”), protecting American businesses and workers’ jobs (“populism”/“nationalism”), and celebrating America’s police and military (“racism”) – not to mention his execrable boasting of his penchant for “grabbing” women (“sexism” /”misogyny”). Really, how could a nation that is becoming so much more “enlightened” and “progressive”, more “compassionate and caring”, have possibly succumbed to the cajolery of such a conceited, wealthy white primitive? For the Left, it’s enough to drive any effete elitist to opioid addiction – Oh, the pain! Where’s my OxyContin?!

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