And So the Jihad Resumes in America


This past week, two homegrown would-be jihadis tried to crash a Mohammed-cartoon contest sponsored by Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) in Garland, Texas, as a rally in defense of Free Speech, to slaughter all those in attendance. By the greatest of good fortune, these mad miscreants succeeded only in lightly wounding an unarmed security guard outside the contest venue before being felled by a local traffic cop who demonstrated acute professional proficiency with his Glock .45 ACP service pistol. “One man, one riot”, as the motto of the Texas Rangers would have it, and all in the face of “rioters” reputedly armed with AK-47s and wearing protective body armor.

The Islamic State (IS) is now taking credit for the abortive attack. Whether the claim is true, it’s wholly predictable that it would do so, because its core tactics are intimidation, savage brutality, and terrorism against the kuffar (infidels). And there can be no doubt but that its aim is to incite more such attacks on American soil as soon as possible. So, whether by lone wolves or organized Islamist cells, all Americans — and most especially identifiable Jews and Jewish institutions (businesses, synagogues, community centers) — are now at increased risk of heavy harm. To be blunt, America got off easy this time, like Canada did in Ottawa recently, but it is only a matter of (short) time before many people here get badly hurt, or much worse, on account of jihadis.

Pamela Geller and featured speaker Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, whose party aims to de-Islamize the Netherlands if it attains power, are to be well commended as real “Maccabees” in the Hanukkah tradition, for stepping up and standing up for Free Speech in the face of very expectable censure by the lamestream media, not to mention the likelihood of physical attacks by savage Islamist brutalitarians. (Wilders, particularly, has been the direct target of a fatwa [Islamic clerical decree] calling for his assassination for years.) Most frustratingly, many Americans, sadly including many Jews, will have to face this/these wake-up call(s), if only to be impelled to clamor loudly for the Obamanistas to do something serious to deal with the insidious Islamist threat here at home — or, much more efficacious, to work to elect a genuinely pro-America, pro-Israel Republican president in 2016 who will do so.

Already, Pamela Geller and AFDI are being demonized as irresponsible Islamophobic provocateurs and “haters”, the latter one of the ritualistic leftist epithets hurled at anyone who dares to stand up for Western civilization’s Judaeo-Christian values, basic morality, and core tenets of individual rights, liberal democracy, republican rule of law, free markets, and democratic capitalism. Would such determined efforts at raising public awareness and consciousness-building by Geller and AFDI in the 1930s against the Nazis have been similarly characterized as “hateful”? With all that is now commonly known today about life in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and IS-controlled territory, can any serious-minded person doubt that this “total way of life” ideology masquerading as a religion is a fulsome threat to Freedom and world peace? Hey, just as Adolf Hitler candidly told the world starting in 1923 what he envisioned upon attaining power, so also have the imams and mullahs of the Islamic world advised openly what is store for us kuffar — unless they are successfully, steadfastly — even violently — opposed.

While leftists are fixated on “transforming” (read dismantling) Western civilization in North America and across Europe, they are also blithely acting to enable a competing totalitarian force that is proudly and unabashedly savage — and which would happily consume them if and when given the chance. Such as via the mechanisms of a toothless nuclear deal with messianic Iran . . . and a feckless, go-slow military policy in confronting IS and its allies.

Lovers of Life and Liberty owe a rising debt of gratitude to Pamela Geller and AFDI. As a leading edge of what I call the “Cassandra Courage Corps” of the 21st century, they are part of a cohort of real patriots who are simultaneously raising a sane, sober alarm about the new fascism arising and the arrogant, profoundly obtuse myopia of those who would appease and coddle it in the name of “diversity”, “inclusiveness”, and “tolerance.” Post Holocaust and smaller progroms in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur, Myanmar, and now Syria-Iraq, no freeman or freewoman has the luxury of being a moral imbecile and political coward any longer. Pamela Geller is one who clearly gets that message, and so must we all – like, posthaste!

William Pippin
The Rational Empiricist

One thought on “And So the Jihad Resumes in America

  1. Good talking to you yesterday. I love, love, love the way you write and express yourself. Why aren’t you writing for a major publication? The world needs to read your thoughts and analyses. I may not agree with everything you say, but I like your use of language to say it. I learned another new word today, thanks to you, “quion”. I am going to remember that one for Words with Friends.
    Regarding your post on Trump and stopping him from representing the Republican party, I hope the party has gotten the message from “We the People” that we are sick of the “good old boys” games and machinations of Congress and the current political system with has resulted in a lack of substitive progress on any issue and the success of only self serving legislation that pads their pockets and ensures their futures at the expense of ours.
    Ted Cruz, on the other hand seems to be just another slick politician. It seems that the moniker given him by Trump “lying Ted”, fits. If he could somehow overcome those aspects and provide solutions to the challenges of the above, we may want to support him. There is no one else on the horizon; however, that seems to have a chance of beating Hillary. It may be too late to have the RNC change horse’s in this race without ensuring a victory for Hillary which would be a huge issue for me and many others. I will pray for the process, but hope party lines become less important than making sure we defeat Hillary for the sake of this great nation..

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