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I have been an intrigued, wondering observer of the “human experience” in many directions and dimensions for as long as I can remember, stretching all the way back to my earliest childhood. Whether the instant case of fascination was the Civil War, the UFO phenomenon, submarines, or simply what I was doing here on planet Earth, I have been a preoccupied soul, eager to acquire substantive knowledge, understand intricacies, make sense of significance both personally and more generally, and often motivated to express it in some creative manner. I have written short vignettes of mystical personal life experiences, magazine articles on esoteric phenomena, legal briefs, papers on telecommunications regulation, political statements, and a college thesis on the use of biomedical ultrasound in obstetrics. I have, over the years, spoken on metaphysical life precepts, Israeli foreign policy, ballot retention of state court jurists, trance channeling, remote viewing, and telepathic after-death communication. Over time, my foci of fascination have come to gel most enduringly on spirituality/paranormality, politics/governance, and geopolitical world affairs. To my mind, my own greatest accomplishments to date have been in the realms of self-discovery, spiritual understanding of what it means to be a human, and discerning the nature of our common human nature in political and geopolitical matters.

In all my pursuits, I characterize myself as a “rational empiricist” in the mold of the 17th century English philosopher John Locke, whose treatises informed the thinking of America’s founding generation and guided their own genius in creating the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. In brief, this means that we best learn what is most valid, real, and effective in life and living through observing and learning from the experiences of the people, civilizations, and experiments that have gone before us. It is “rational” because it relies on reason, or the thinking mind, to make these discernments and draw key conclusions from them. This is all in contrast to ordering one’s – or one’s home society’s – affairs based on feelings, wishful thinking, good or noble intentions, a simple transformational faith, or some externally enforced conformity in consciousness.

Thus, I think and write from the perspective of actual, tangible, verifiable, and direct experience, both my own and others’. Whether the subject is how to deal with despotic sovereign aggressors in the Middle East, coercive utopians in our domestic politics; ordering our society for freedom, respect, and prosperity; or accessing the likely realities of reincarnation & past lives, psychical sensing, or communicating with the deceased, my earnest intention always is to offer evocative insights that are positively instructive, healing, grounding, and beneficial. Of course, that is up to you, my dear reader, ultimately, as I commend them to you. For me, it’s all a seamless whole — and perhaps you will agree. With our world now disrupting, greater conscious awareness will be the quoin of transcendence. So, as the ancient emperors would say, “Let the games begin!”


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  1. Bill, this is the first time I’ve seen your website. I really like it so far and I feel your writing skill is excellent. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blogs. I enjoy your vision.

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